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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.

    Baby care

    You, every day, wake up, go to the bathroom, wash my face, brush your teeth. A young child, as well as you need their morning toilet. This is not only personal care, and prevention of various skin diseases. Before you start spending your child morning toilet, wash your hands. Put the baby on the changing table, after covering it with a clean diaper. Unswathe child. Carefully inspect the skin folds.


The Secret of My Selection or luck

Quite often, when I talk some this with my son successfully breastfed, I hear in his address: you just got lucky (ie, there is absolutely no merit your) just because there is a situation in your favor, but others - no. More stories prevented circumstances encountered on the way to the doctors and the "goodness" advisors, in a word, everything and anything that prevented the establishment of breastfeeding. And the disappointing conclusion: I (we) also wanted to feed, but not educated, with no luck, what can you do ? Is everywhere all the time. Because not all given feed. Or more commonly "summary" of your GV: We fed however many months, in pain, constantly crying, sick tummy, not enough sleep, in the end, the infant himself refused the breast (how an variation - liquid milk "complete"), was transferred to the mixing, in the end - all are happy, fed (because lots and eat hearty, and do not make a drop of the "poor, pale, short-fat" milk from the breast), and, most importantly, get enough sleep. So do these "arguments" grudnichkovoy contradict the nature of our little ones! I am very sad to hear such stories. I am genuinely sorry for these mothers. Too bad they got the wrong information about GW's unfortunate that they were accompanied by "authoritative" omniscient commentators and not specialists in breastfeeding moms who have a long and successful experience of feeding and ready to share their knowledge. And it's a pity that these mothers as easily deprived of their children the best and most precious in their lives - breast milk. But I was lucky! I was lucky, because I - a woman and Nature gave me an amazing and invaluable talent and I realize it is 100%. Yes, I was lucky. Lucky, just like you, thousands, millions of happy moms. Unluckily, there are circumstances under which a woman may not breastfeed. In all other cases, uncomplicated breastfeeding and transfer to artificial (often IV from birth) makes choices and create decisions by herself mamma. I do not for a moment doubt that these moms are just the best of the belief they want their children a very, very alone. They are long and carefully chosen furniture for the child, pondered what figure on their some bed would best blend in with the wallpaper in the room. May talk for hours approximately brands that clothing for your baby they buy only in specialty stores, and do not spare the money to their kid was all just the most expensive and big-quality. But why they do not To think of about the capacity of the power of your precious baby ? Why, again, they are however easy to give up his talent, no effort for its conservation and development ? Why do not they realize that their child is no better eating than breast milk, that no mix in their "balanced" composition is not even close to mother's liquid milk ? Where is the logic ? Where the sequence of their actions ? I do not blame or condemn these mothers. They made their selection and it's their right. I say, rather, reasoning, puzzled complete this inconsistency. I keep my own opinion on this, and I am sharing it with you. I have a right to say so, that in the history of feeding my little ones were minutes when I ran into trouble when I was convinced to continue feeding the irrationality I also could end ingloriously breastfeeding. But I fought for the big title "Mamma babies" and I won, rather, we keep won - I and my breastfeeding small children! And I'm incredibly happy and proud! Visiting baby stores, often see a picture of how the expectant mother, preparing dowry toddler chooses to lust pacifiers, nipples, bottles and many other unnecessary breastfed kid items. Entire arsenal is not as harmless, and in the near next ready and do a disservice to get in the way of breastfeeding. Opening any child's magazine, we read of superpoleznyh, mixtures with trace units and vitamins that strengthen the baby's health and contributing to its full growth, we see the pages that promote pacifiers, bottles antikolilikovye. What is the saddest thing we are told of the require for this product. All of these "mamozameniteli" is on the list of things recommended to carry the hospital. I will not talk about the legality of the advertisement, except to say that not everyone has the immunity against this hard advertising onslaught. Not every mother To think of approximately the appropriateness of these purchases, just takes all of the above (and many others, I am not strong in this space, so it is generalizing), how fixed attributes, even symbols of newborns. Once read approximately the women of Africa, poor and hard working, but keep not had any problems with lactation. They do not know what it is and just feed their infants. May strongly argue, how ? We, the civilized Europeans taken so an example the poor African women ? This is incredible! Let feed their little ones with liquid milk and drag them into the sling, we do not must and will not be like them! Do not require this, I'm not telling you this just ask you to To think of approximately this: these women enjoy no message of bottles and sterilizers, and the lining of the breast pump. When a baby is born, they immediately used it to his chest. Nature tells them as. They are all complete the kid and on demand to feed it. It's simple and natural. But our problem is that we are far too civilized and advanced. And we do not hurt, at least sometimes, to remember their natural instincts. A newborn infant does not know some all of these artificial "achievements" of contemporary baby production, he is focused alone on the smell and taste of liquid milk. At the moment he does not appreciate stunning in its beauty and functionality of a four-poster bed and trendy stroller with which his mom proudly struts on a walk. All he needs at the present time - is to be future to his beloved mama, feel the smell, enjoy the amazing taste of milk - that's what makes him truly happy. Our small children are born wise, and they tells us what to do. Most importantly, to hear them, and trust. That's the whole secret of successful breastfeeding, understanding, joy and togetherness with your infant... That's the whole secret of our and your luck.
### Pitfalls of breastfeeding
Usually the matter of breastfeeding moms interested either during pregnancy or lactation is in violation, ie, when there is approximately question and they need to resolve soon. Unluckily, on their own experience and the stories of other mothers may say that the problem is often necessary to solve on their own, having filled bumps. And the problems have different mothers. Good, that at this point you can help in solving them experts on breastfeeding. I'll try to summarize the material that gathered from various sources. 1. Of course, doctors and psychologists at the present time recognized the value of breastfeeding for both the physical and psychological rightly-being of the baby. It is said that feeding - not just eating, but also an significant communication mama and infant. Facial skin to skin contact, eye contact, awareness of the fact that you yourself breastfed kid and no one can substitute you, affect the capacity of next relations. 2. To feed or not to breast-feed decides mother. Surprising is the fact that about mothers do not require to breastfeed, and easier to make formula milk and feed from a bottle, being able to do their business. I assume that this is a (perceived or unconscious) desire to run away from the child, we do not take full responsibility, and pass it on to my grandmother, nurse and other people. Here I compare my experience feeding expressed breast milk and the subsequent experience of breastfeeding. The second version I liked much more. Its advantages: - No require to progress up to decant. - No want to constantly wash your breast pump, bottle, pacifier. - I can give her baby on require, and if oboznalsya, do not worry, the liquid milk will remain in the breast. - Expressed liquid milk cools, and, I believe, is not so good. - While feeding infant with a spoonful, the liquid milk spilled, baby could choke, I'm more nervous. - Sleeping and feeding was not potential. - One plus - could feed a child by another person. Let's go back to the thought that I enjoy yet identified: to feed or not to breast-feed decides mama. For those who enjoy yet given up, that the baby does not take breast milk was not enough, cracks, etc., there is good news. If you need to breast-feed, so sooner or later you're going to do it! For me personally, it took 3 weeks. During this period, it is significant to listen alone to those who encourages you to speak not to throw their attempts, believe in yourself, in fact, that the baby suckle actually same it, and when he did rasprobuet, you will not spend his pacifier. Do not listen to doctors, friends or other "well-wishers" to provide examples of failure, some the fact that you still get tired and go to artificial feeding, because torment decant, bath the breast and bottle. I personally supported the story, which said about her mama, who offered the breast baby 3 months and yet succeeded. You do it! 3. Beginning breastfeeding immediately later childbirth. Breast milk and grease nipples smell similar amniotic fluid, however the infant, sucked (which also soothes) and sniffing you feel safe. Sucking reflex, which in the first half is very strong, will be satisfied. Infant loves to suck, while yet in the tummy. There he tries to suck cam finger, the umbilical cord. 4. Do not apply tools that simulate the mom's breast (nipples, bottles and pacifiers). First, because their child sucks differently than the chest. He will be confused, to nurse as well how a pacifier, and thus it will be bad to suck milk and may harm the chest, because the will does not fully capture the chest mouth. Secondly, on the teats and pacifiers formed malocclusion, which, however you know, is harmful. 5. Feed your child on demand. That is, when he makes sucking movements, pokes tongue, pulling her finger in her mouth, looking mouth chest. If mamma does not understand "in Russian", the child starts to cry. Feeding on want to your infant not only to stave off hunger and thirst, but also to gain peace of mind (let us say, when the kid is cold, lonely, I request to go to the bathroom, etc.). Therefore, the child may take the breast to suck 1-2 min. He is enough. Thus, feeding on the clock, advocated by approximately mamma and grandparents of the old school, it eliminates the demand to suck, and the fact that a child may want to eat in less than 3 hours. There is another little, but they are not less significant nuance. LBW infants, it appears, not only to feed on request. Because they are however weak that they do not wake up with hunger, and continue to sleep, sometimes up to 4-5 hours. However they have to wake up and feed them. Some experts say that such children should to be fed every 1, 5-2 hours. Mother sometimes misinterpret kid behavior: when he shakes his head from side to position, so if to say "no", it means no rejection of the breast, and only so, that the infant looking for it and can not find. He guided by touch and smell, not sight. 6. Breastfeed your infant for at least 5 min. In less time, the baby will suck alone the "front" liquid milk (comparable to drinking), which contains much of lactose (the main carbohydrate of female milk), vitamins, minerals and antibodies that protect the kid. In the "back" portion (comparable to a meal) more fat and enzymes to digest milk. Therefore, if the baby's sucking long, within 1-1. 5 hours of undershot infant may get to the "back" of milk. 7. Not express, because it stimulates the manufacturing of mainly "front-liquid milk." Over time, the mama's aging body adapts to the kid, to however much he needs liquid milk. Breast becomes tight, crowded only if the kid missed feeding (such however a long sleep). 8. And feed at night. This is significant, because the feeding at night helps to cultivate the "back" of milk, and a more balanced diet. 9. Give the breast right. Not only the mama to properly learn how to give her infant, but the kid, oddly enough, to take it well. Poor attachment leads to traumatic chest, to the fact that the milk begins to make an every day less and less. So, the infant need deep enough to grab a breast, not just the nipple, but most of the areola or a fine part, otherwise it hurts the chest and is not getting enough milk. If the mother is in pain, you require to remove the breast (gently put his finger in the child's mouth, breaking the vacuum), and put the breast right. No require to endure the pain! If the breasts are too tight and it is difficult to capture the child, Strain some liquid milk, however it was convenient. 15. Not my breasts especially before and after feeding soap, etc. Otherwise, It is possible to washing off the protective lubricant. Enough to take a shower every day. 11. Not dopaivaem Vodicka. Is the water that we drink, worse engrossed in the kid. The water contained in liquid milk is engrossed much better. Nature has provided everything in advance. 12. To understand whether there is enough kid ate may count however many minutes he peed in a day. Want be 15-12. 13. Do not introduce solid foods until 6 m.. Again referring to nature, we may say that however long so children do not have teeth (and usually they had 6 m., not cut through), they may not eat vegetables and fruits. That is, the body grudnichka not suitable for processing and assimilating various juices and purees.

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